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  • 包丁にこだわる
  • 包丁にこだわる
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In response to customer demands, we are now making our products available through the internet.

Specialty services that only Sakai Masamoto can provide:

Sakai Masamoto specializesin Sushi and Teppanyaki Chef items.

Sakai Masamoto is focusing on:Fishery traders, food processors, fish retailers and restaurateurs

Sakai Masamoto is focusing on:Customer Needs

We appreciate and foster long-term customer relationships.

Special professional use and rare items.

「魅せる」Knives that are impressive in appearance

Beauty in Appearance

Traditional technique - Marbling lines (Suminagashi)

「Mirror finish knife」

This knife is finished with a glossy, smooth mirror like surface. One side or both can be glossy.

Craftsman’s hand-engraving

Dragon, tiger, treasure ship are hand-engraved by a craftsman.

Enchanting beauty of wood grain

【Rare Wood Series】Material of sheath and handle can be selected from nine different high quality varieties of wood.


鍛冶の様子 鋼と焼き方にこだわる


Awase Knife (two layers of hard and soft steel knife) or Honyaki knife (Single layer of high carbon steel)
Which steel to choose.
Oil-quench or water-quench for Honyaki knife.

鍛冶の様子 鋼と焼き方にこだわる


For finishing, selecting hon-kasumi (higher standard hazy finish), Kasumi (hazy finish), Tatsutogi or mirror finish.

Handles and sheaths

「柄」と「さや」にこだわる 「柄」と「さや」にこだわる

Once a blade is selected, choose handle material.

Customized order is acceptable for handle and sheath of Japanese knives such as Sashimi, Deba, Usuba, Honekiri and others.




From the past to the future

Otojiro Tsuji, the first Shop Owner, opened a small knife shop at Minatogawa, Kobe around 1920’s.

In December 1932, the shop moved to the Kobe Central Wholesale Market where they opened as the 5th wholesale Market in Japan.

Rapid economic growth was experienced after the war and end-of-the-war period. As the economy grew, the function of the wholesale market expanded. In November 1969, the Kobe City newly opened Tobu (East) Market of Kobe Central Wholesale Market at Fukaehama, Higashi-Nada-ku, Kobe. Our shop opened a branch there.

In 1995, the great Kobe Earthquake hit us and severely damaged the market. In April 2009, the Kobe Central Wholesale Market recovered from the earthquake and rebuilt the market at the current site. Our shop moved there at that time.

Our desire is to have a long term customer relationships.

堺正元本店 堺正元東部支店 堺正元

I thank you and appreciate your patronage. I am Motoaki Tsuji, the 4th shop owner of Sakai Masamoto Knife Shop.

From the very beginning of our shop’s nearly 90-year history, our goal has always been to listen to the customer’s needs and to forge a long-term customer relationships.

Sharpness and long-lasting sharpness are the keys in selecting knives. We also listen to customer’s specific needs, examples include: “Less corrosive knife is desired as knife is used where customers’ attention gathers upon the chef.” “Sharper knife at lower cost is preferred.” “I would like to have thicker blade.” “A little bigger handle”. “Sanitation minded handle, other than wood material, is what I am looking for.” We respond to those needs by creating custom-made items. We also provide suggestions about appropriate material of steel and handle depending on customers’ usage.

Quality knives last more than 10 years as long as they are maintained properly, until the length of the blade becomes less than half. Proper maintenance of knives and sharpening are musts.
Honing, replacing handles and welding repair of rotten tang are available.
Service after purchase is important as we desire that our customers use their favorite knives for a long period of time.

It is also important to consider cutting board and honing stone as a set for a long-term use of a knife. We are responding to our customers’ requirements by suggesting which cutting boards are good for the knives to maintain sharpness longer, or which honing stone requires shorter time to sharpen knives.

For a chef, a knife is a “partner”. We are here to assist you in finding a wonderful partner. Regardless of whether you are a professional or not, or first time to visit us, please contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you at our shop or providing service to you online.

堺正元 辻さん
Kobe Central Wholesale Market Bldg 1-1-4 Nakanoshima, Hyogo-ku Kobe
Closed on Sunday/Wednesday per Market’s Close Day
Operation Hour 5:30 to 15:30